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Hello everyone! I know the website has been down for almost two years now so I'd like to welcome you back and give you a little update on what's happened over the last year. Some of GP moto is the same old GP we've come to know and love. The passion is still here and the lust for knowledge and creating an ever better setup for you the rider is stronger than ever.

As mentioned in my previous article below this one, we've changed locations to become more efficient with the suspension work, but GP moto has embarked on a new chapter of the business as well.

Over the last few years thanks to not only social media, but You Tube and action sports videos, we can all see behind the scenes of professional and privateer riders to see the need for athletic off the bike training, diet and body/mind well being is reaching a critical peak! We are pushing the human body further and further than ever before. Gone are the days of partying the night before a race and getting up and jumping on your bike half hung over and expecting any type of decent performance. We are all realizing now that diet, nutrition, training and care for our own body is as important or more than the care of our motorcycles. If the body can't perform to it's potential, the bike can not make up for it.

Enter ATP Science. Kate and I have been on a pretty enjoyable and fulfilling health journey over the last couple years. While I've always taken exercise and diet seriously, I've grown up with a body that co-operated with me and I never struggled with obesity or weight issues. Well, when your 40's come knocking some things start changing in your body and you realize invincibility and youth have a strange connection.... It all started off with a podcast about Intermittent Fasting. This teeny snowball soon became a full on avalanche in our lives and consumed us with information regarding our health.
It helped steer us around the last few hurdles we had been facing with our health and aimed us down the path of success. Jeff, Matt, Steve and the gang at ATP Science are literally geniuses and have helped teach us in laymans terms how we can remove the handbrakes that have been holding us back from true life success. They have a small assortment of products that are not only 100% natural organic food but they focus on regenerative farming techniques and non impactful harvesting practices. Matt's a cornucopia of knowledge of how the human body works. He's big on addressing the causes of dis-eases and naturally correcting them, not applying pharmaceutical band aids or straight jackets on them. The products they have to offer are amazing at getting our bodies to operate as efficiently as possible. Optimizing your output both physically AND mentally will ensure you can perform to the top of your abilities come race day. Every product has a descriptive podcast about the product itself as well to ensure you have no confusion about the benefits you are about to receive.

We also added RX bars to our arsenal. I've spent years looking for that perfect snack to put in my USWE Hydration pack to have mid trail ride with the boys. Clif Bars and other types of "energy" bars are just so chocked full of sugar and other crap that you might as well eat an O-Henry bar. Enter RX Bars. Simple, natural ingredients and only four of them! They taste great, fill the gap and are totally healthy!

If you have any questions at all about how GP moto can take your riding/racing to the next level, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Until then click on the SHOP menu tab at the top of the page and purchase your RX BARS or ATP SCIENCE PRODUCTS to get you on the right track in 2019!

Geoff Klassen