Super excited to announce that earlier this year, GP moto became a Vorsprung Suspension dealer. This is a huge deal to all my customers who are mountain bike users as well as dirt bike users. Steve at Vorsprung is arguably one of the most educated and smartest tuners I have ever spoken to. His knowledge and confidence on suspension function and needs for bikes is second to none. So stoked to have him as a resource to draw on. 


Being able to offer two key amazing components to my customers was huge to me. The Secus from Vorsprung is the BEST air fork addition you will ever make. I guarantee total satisfaction with this piece. I have never had a single component transform a fork like this! You'll run more pressure, have more initial plushness, more hold up and more bottoming resistance than anything you've ever ridden. 
The Smashpot is also there for those of you looking for the ultimate comfort throughout the stroke while ensuring bottoming resistance. 
These components are available for all current Fox forks, as well as all current Rock Shox forks. Steve has also added Ohlins RFX36 to the line upas well I believe. Hit me up at with any inquiries you have, or shoot me a text or call. 
Take care out there boys and girls.