Hello everyone, well another summer of riding has passed us and thank god it was better weather conditions than last year! We had a small forest fire situation this year but nothing compared to last season. We moved from our long time location in West Valleyview to a smaller, more refined space in Eastern Valleyview. We have moved our focus from retail sales of parts to now invest all our time and energy on suspension and engine work.
Managed to get some decent hours on the bike but still nowhere near what would be an ideal season! Was blessed to have Kurt Mortensen lend us his Valley Moto Sport 2018 KTM 450 XCF for some very thorough AER fork testing. We spent a lot of time testing individual components and were able to add a TON of data to our arsenal. We had a lot of success with the SKF Glide Kits from Mongoose Machine. We made huge leaps forward again using pistons from Race Tech as well as components from MX Tech Suspension. We currently have a set of 2018 AER forks with a Glide Kit and Race Tech internals set up and ready to lend out to anyone who is feeling frustrated with their own AER forks and unsure if they're going to be happy spending $1300+ on a set of aftermarket cartridges.

This SKF/RT setup can be installed into your own forks for less than $800!!! Don't be afraid any longer, come try out these forks on your new KTM/Husqvarna and see first hand how GP moto can take your riding to the next level of comfort and speed!